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The Miracle Morning Makeover

The Miracle Morning Makeover – My New Morning Routine

The Miracle Morning Makeover

How a Positive Routine Can Change Your Life

I discovered a fantastic book that is helping me to work out how to achieve a positive and productive day where I feel great about what I am doing and the things that I have been able to accomplish.

The Miracle Morning is a book written by Hal Elrod. Now, I am a sucker for a good self-help book and this one is amazing.

What is The Miracle Morning? The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

The basic premise is that if you wake up a little bit earlier than you usually do and work through a set of tasks you will feel ready to get on with your day with a positive mental attitude.

The tasks are described using the acronym S.A.V.E.R.S. I am finding that going through each one helps to put me in a positive frame of mind where I look forward to the rest of my day and I am excited about the things that are about to come.

There Are Some Challenges – A Girl Needs Her Beauty Sleep

I am not gonna lie. It hasn’t been easy to set my alarm for a hour earlier each day because I love my bed and I love my sleep. But I made a commitment to do it and so far so good. The hardest part is making sure I go to bed early enough so I feel like I have had enough sleep. I am used to going to bed between Midnight and 2am so getting up earlier means I am losing out. But I hope my body clock will adapt so that I feel tired earlier and will head off to bed. I mean, I am usually just wasting time watching crap TV or silly Youtube videos, so it isn’t as if I am missing much right?

This Getting Up Early Feels Great

It has been over month since I started getting up an hour earlier and it actually feels good. I also believe that it is possible for me to get up even earlier and get to work on my business hustle so that I can move towards my goal of learning how to make money writing fiction.

This Is My Miracle Morning Routine – S.A.V.E.R.S

S – SILENCE –  I stay in bed and do some breathing exercises.

A – AFFIRMATION – I get my notebook and write out 3-4 positive affirmations and what I aim to achieve this month.

V – VISUALISATION – I picture what I want my life to be like one year from now.

E – EXCERCISE – I do some stretches. This includes 100 plies, 100 crunches, leg cycling and holding the plank position for a count of 50.

R – READ – I read a chapter from an inspirational book. This makes me feel good about life and its possibilities.

S – SCRIBE –  I write a couple of paragraphs of whatever comes to mind. It could be something I thought about the day before or it could be triggered by the chapter I have just read.

I have re-jigged the order so that it works better for me. I do my reading and writing before my stretches because I can stay in bed longer. Also, once I get up and stretch I can go straight for my shower. Then I am ready to get on with my day. At the moment I am still a little tired but I am in relaxed mode as I head off to shower, change and have breakfast.

How I Aim to Improve My Miracle Morning Daily Routine

Now that I am working on a regular routine for my mornings, I want to try and create a little time where I can do a little work on my side hustle. If I can get into the habit of doing a little something for my business every day, then I will be one step closer to my goal of financial freedom. It could be tough going waking up an extra 30 minutes earlier but the results at the end of the month could be extraordinary!

I’ll be writing a follow up to this post to see how my morning routine has developed. Be sure to sign up below if you are interested in my progress.

Would I Recommend The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod?

I would absolutely recommend this book. It is an easy to read page turner and the concepts are easy to follow so you can not fail.

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I also picked up The Miracle Morning for Writers, which was co-written by Hal and Steve Scott, an expert in creating functional daily life habits.

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Have Your Say: Have you read The Miracle Morning? Do you have a productive set routine that works for you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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