Victoria Virgo

Hello and Welcome to the Blog The Lazy Girl Makeover!

My name is Victoria Virgo and I will be your host. On this blog I will write about my attempts to transform my life, by creating a money making side hustle in fiction writing as well as figuring out and using simple lifestyle hacks.

Lifestyle Hacks? Huh?

Now I am calling them simple lifestyle hacks because I do not want to do anything that is too taxing. I have got things to get on with and can’t be wasting my time. Plus, as you might have gathered from the title of the blog, I am a little bit lazy. LoL

What Will My Makeover Involve?

A makeover is usually a head to toe transformation so that is what you will be seeing here, I think. Topics that will be covered could include, beauty, exercise, clothing, dating, shopping, cooking, networking and making money online. I am not really sure how in depth these topics will be or if any of these will be covered at all. I suppose we will just have to wait and see right?

Join Me on My Lazy Girl Makeover Journey

I hope that you will be entertained, informed and maybe enlightened by what you discover here. I hope that you might be inspired to set off on your own makeover journey. I hope that you at least leave here with a smile on your face.

So Let the Lazygirl Makeover Mission Commence!  Wish me luck :)